Through your partnership with us, we will travel to your location and film you excelling in your sport. We will provide you with a visual representation of your athletic skills to create a video for your personal and academic career use.

Highlight Tapes

Our "Team Timelines" involve our videographers traveling with your team to different tournaments, games, and practices to shoot the entire experience. This is a time where we want to capture not just the athletic side of the event, but also the relationships and camaraderie teams naturally have. AAU teams are included!

Team Coverage

With the help of our team and our social media sites, we will promote you and your talent not only bring more people to see who you are, but to also allow possible coaches to take a look at what you are up to. 

Social Media Promotions

With our team of photographers, we will work to capture stills on everything from one player for a highlight tape, to an entire team for a team timeline.

Photo Galleries