The mission of R.A.W.E. is to serve as a sports-news service for the North Central Florida area which covers various high schools in Gainesville, Ocala, Alachua, Lake City and other surrounding cities. We’ve been labeled by many as the “ESPN OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA.” 


    Imagine having a son or daughter on a basketball team that plays at 7:00pm on game days. But unfortunately, you work a night shift that doesn’t allow you to attend the games. Yes, you’re probably thinking you’ll just catch the 10 o’clock local news sports segment. But, we all know they only show 10 seconds worth of highlights for each game that they cover. 


    R.A.W.E. gives the community a more urban, hip, and exciting full-highlight video to view. Students, teachers, parents, and the overall community, constantly thank us at games because of the amazing high-quality content we issue. It has gotten to the point where we truly believe the entire community would be devastated if R.A.W.E. ceased to exist. 


    We also give live updates on our Instagram and Twitter platforms so the community can follow the game as it’s being played. We want to be able to provide little-known and unknown student-athletes with a platform and service to showcase their skills to college coaches and scouts.


Through our program, which is comprised of athletic and educational efforts, these coaches and scouts will gain a great sense of their talents on the playing-surface, and equally, in the classroom. 


    Growing up in a small town didn’t allow us to get the exposure that we felt like we deserved. This is our opportunity to become the difference.